Apple MWP22 AirPods Pro White


With Active Noise Cancellation system for imposing sound, a case that charges wirelessly and a transparency function that allows you to listen and stay in touch with the environment around you.
AirPods Pro are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device. However, some of their key features do not work on Android devices and generally those that do not have iOS. For example, you can not use Siri, you can not hear from only one handset and it is not possible to control their battery. Also, pairing requires a few more steps. On the contrary, Active Noise Cancellation and gestures are also available when using headphones with Android devices.
A microphone pointing outwards detects external sounds. The AirPods Pro then compensates with a corresponding noise cancellation, canceling out the external sounds before you even hear them. An inward-facing microphone listens to the inside of your ear for any unwanted sounds, which are also eliminated by noise cancellation.
Do you want to hear what is happening around you? Simply press and hold the power sensor on the stem to switch from Active Noise Canceling to Transparency mode, which allows external sounds to be heard, giving you a natural sound sensation from the surroundings when talking to people around you.
The Apple-designed H1 chip uses 10 audio cores, creating incredibly low latency audio processing time that allows real-time noise cancellation. The System in Package design is arranged with great care, with the placement of each element based on the shape of the human ear, thus maximizing comfort, fit and stability.
AirPods Pro automatically connects to all of your Apple devices. They connect to iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, and switch between audio devices automatically.
In-ear type
Operating Time 4.5hrs
Operation With 24hrs Charging Case
No Cable Yes
Double Headset Yes
Color White
Μultipoint Pairing No
Active Noise Cancellation Features
Smart Assistant (Built-in) Siri

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Apple manufacturer
1 Year Warranty
Part Number MWP22ZM/A

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