Edifier W830BT bluetooth headphones black


Type Headphones
Bluetooth 3.5mm Jack Connectivity (cable not included)
Memory Card No.
Microphone Yes
Black color
Volume Control No.
Noise Cancellation No.

The Edifier W830BT Bluetooth headsets have a way of making a difference in their class. First of all, they have a flat and ergonomic design, with the folding design of 90 degree rotation and the special case (included in the package) to help decisively in their easy and safe transport and storage. This way, you will be able to take them with you anywhere, for example, in your backpack, enjoying your music comfortably thanks to their flexible and durable headrests and their incredibly soft cushions.
Through the powerful 40 mm guides, you will experience loud and clear sound, from crystal plugs to deep and rich pulses, to highlight the joints of your choice and to "immerse" in them like never before.
Wireless connection to the compatible mobile device of your choice, such as Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop, to facilitate your daily life and give you endless hours of fun. Thus, via Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity (NFC is also supported), you will experience easy and fast pairing with your device, in fact you have the possibility of wireless connection of up to 2 at the same time, for absolute flexibility.
Autonomies up to 95 hours of continuous use and up to 1500 hours in standby mode, so that they are always "ready" when you need them. In addition, in case you are at home and do not want to consume energy or the battery level is low and the charging time has arrived, you can connect them wired with a 3.5 mm plug cable and, in fact, with ANC support, for absolute freedom of movement.
Code 6923520225798
Immediate receipt
Delivery in 1-3 days
Edifier Manufacturer
Warranty 2 Years
Part Number W830BT black

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