Lcd with Touch Screen iPhone 11 Pro Max Supreme Quality Soft Oled Black


Supreme Quality screens have special features, including:
1. Higher brightness. Their brightness is over 400-450 cd / m2 compared to common OEM screens that are between 300-350 cd / m2
2. Pass Polarizer – Full viewing angle
3. Real 3D Touch
4. High quality connectors, can be connected perfectly to the screen
5. They have CE and RoHS certificates
6. Each screen is accompanied by test data performed (QR Code)
7. Anti-fingerprint Glass – High-strength glass with electrolytic coating, preventing scratches, bumps and fingerprints
8. All include Camera Ring \ Sensor Ring \ Flex cable Foam
9. With processed copper RA in wiring – can fold 30% more times than standard material

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Possibility of placement in our store with a written guarantee.
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