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New arrivals in Qcy and Haylou Bluetooth TWS headphones, at the best market prices!

Το κατάστημά μας θα παραμείνει κλειστό από τις 12/8 έως τις 27/8….Καλές διακοπές!!!

With repairs worth more than 50 € 10% discount for accessories purchases

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Επισκευή iPhone

High quality OEM spare parts with a lifetime warranty and always at the best prices.

Επισκευή Xiaomi

We always repair your favorite Xiaomi with Original or OEM spare parts at the best prices and always with a written guarantee.

Φόρτιση Κινητών & Tablet

Choose the type and charger that suits you from a wide range of branded manufacturers at incredible prices and always with a written guarantee.

Gaming Χειριστήρια

Gaming Controls for mobile, tablet. your computer or gaming machine !!!

Bluetooth Handsfree

Enjoy your conversation and music through a wide range of bluetooth headphones.

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For your every need!
For each I want you!
Here you will find the corresponding gadget for your mobile phone!











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At Mobile-Care we specialize in Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and PC repairs. Our specialized technical staff will find an immediate solution to your every problem, at the most economical prices on the market.
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  • Free shipping
  • Lifetime warranty on every smartphone screen repair & one year warranty on any other smartphone repair
  • 6 months warranty on every computer repair
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