Payment methods

Payment by credit card

In cooperation with Viva Wallet and through a secure environment using high security standards, you are given the opportunity to pay for your order by credit card. Of course, all types of credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American Express are accepted. MobileCare guarantees secure purchases through the latest and most effective secure transaction methods (Verified by Visa, Mastercard Smartcode etc)
Bank account deposit
The fastest and most immediate way to process your order immediately is to deposit it in an account, especially when it comes to amounts over 500 euros where the transaction is required through the banking system. The accounts you can deposit are:

National Bank

Account number: 105/912446-28
IBAN: GR4901101050000010591244628


Account number: 0026-0279-68-0101300851
IΒΑΝ: GR8902602790000680101300851


Bourikas Aristidis


1) In order for the selection of the deposit in a bank account to be considered complete, the buyer must send the deposit to the email
2) In case of transfer from another bank, the additional commission costs are borne exclusively by the buyer. In case the opposite happens, the order will NOT be sent until the total coverage of the value of the order

Pay on delivery

Those who wish to pay upon delivery of their order are given the opportunity. There is an extra charge of 2.50 euros where is the cost of the courier company for cash on delivery. And of course the order must be worth less than 500 euros due to a mandatory transaction through the banking system for this amount and above

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