Spare Parts & Repairs Warranty Terms

The warranty on spare parts (Components), according to European legislation, is not valid if the installation is done by an unauthorized official service technician and if their protectors are removed, or has any signs of installation or use beyond the test that the technician must apply.
Under no circumstances should there be any damage to the cable ties.
The basic warranty service provided on all spare parts is 7 days DOA with air test and no spare parts removal.
In case the installation is done in an authorized service, the spare parts are covered by a three (3) month warranty.
In case you want to install the spare part, we recommend that it be done by a professional technician because there is a risk of damage to the spare part or your device.
Our company assumes absolutely no responsibility for any damage caused to your spare part or device, as you undertake at your own risk the replacement or installation of the spare part.
The guarantee is covered after a check in our store, the shipping costs to our headquarters are borne by the customer.
In case the repair is done in our store, a guarantee of one (1st) year is given for the spare part that will be placed and 2 years for the mobile phone screens.
In any case, in order to cover the guarantee, the customer must present the corresponding receipt or invoice as well as the spare part or repair guarantee form, depending on the occasion issued by our store.

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