Headset Zeroground HD-2400G Keiji 7.1 USB


Over Ear Type
Cable length 2.2m
USB connectivity
Capabilities & Surround Functions, Noise Canceling MIC
Headset Frequency Range 20Hz – 20KHz
Headset Sensitivity -105dB +/- 3dB
Microphone Frequency Range 45 ± 3 dB
Microphone Sensitivity -45db ± 3db
Black color
Weight 290 gr

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The HD-2400G Keiji gaming headphone offers you an excellent audio experience and speech quality during gaming and not only since you can use them as simple headphones to enjoy music or movies. They have a washer for adjusting the volume but also soft pads, closed type, which completely isolate the external noises but also offer comfort in extended use.
Enter the worlds of your favorite games and movies for good with a headset that… knows how to create atmosphere. Keiji simulates 7.1 channel audio, creating a vibrant environment around you that will fascinate you.
The modern design of the Keiji stands out even more than the discreet LED lighting. Add color to your game by enjoying a top aesthetic result that discreetly illuminates the headphones and the microphone.
With large 100 mm diameter cushions enclosing the ears and the leatherette lining dominating all surfaces that come in contact with your head, Keiji guarantees a perfect fit, giving you a comfortable and relaxing user experience.
The Keiji comes with a rotating, omnidirectional microphone which you will not only be able to bring to the position you want, but also which thanks to the noise canceling technology with which it is equipped, will focus on your voice alone, isolating any background noises for cleaner conversations.
The 2.2 meter long reinforced cable also has a control panel for even more comfortable use. Through the equalizer of the accompanying program, you will be able to adjust the sound to your requirements. The Keiji will be connected to your PC via a USB port. It is plug & play which means that you will use it directly, easily and quickly.
Code 5201964098729
Immediate receipt
Delivery in 1-3 days
Manufacturer Zeroground
Warranty 2 Years
Part Number HD-2400G KEIJI

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